Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a post on this site?

When you’re logged in, look for a “+” (plus sign) at the top of your screen. Press this and select “Post”, then type in what you want to say.

You can use the “Preview” button at the top right to see what it will look like once posted – and once you’re ready, click the “Publish” button.

I’m getting a message that the site is not secure. Why?

This is because the website address starts with “http://” rather than “https://”. Using “https” provides an extra level of validation that you are talking to who you think you’re talking to, but – for our current web hoster anyway – it requires spending some extra money to establish the necessary security certificates.

There is no practical security risk for this particular instance (https is more about stopping people being diverted away when using banking websites rather than a choir discussion forum) but more and more browsers will put up these warnings as time goes on, so it’ll be worth paying up to avoid putting people off…

I’d like to take part: how can I get registered on this site?

We’ve emailed all current choir mailing list members asking if they would like to take part – if you reply positively to that email, you will be enrolled. We can’t just enroll everyone by default, since the GDPR mandates that you get permission before you store or otherwise use email addresses for any given purpose.

If you can’t see an email, but would still like to be registered, then please get in touch on .

Help! I can’t log on!

This site is protected against automated login attempts – this means that making more then a set number of failed attempts to log in during a short interval will potentially “lock” the account.

If you think this might have happened to you, mail on and we’ll sort it out.

How can I contact the person running this site to make suggestions?

Get in touch on .